About us

Ximi Vogue is one of the pioneer designer brands that introduced the Korean style, décor, fashion, and lifestyle to the World. Established in 2015, it has since then expanded worldwide with over 1700 stores spread across 93 countries.

We offer a wide range of products that reflect minimal artistry, but its simplicity appeals to our customers. The vivid colors, unique designs, and easy application entice our audiences and encourage them to engage with us more.

We deliver happiness and surprise every day!

It is managed by the Zhejiang Xi Bin Import and Export Co. Ltd., XIMIVOGUE’s main headquarters is in Guangzhou International Finance Center in China.

We strive to become the prime face of fast and affordable fashion across the globe.

We want to make Korean fashion and lifestyle accessible to everyone and witness it collaborating with their own cultures and latest trends.

Honesty, Innovation, Efficiency, Responsibility, Gratitude, and Unity.

Ximi Vogue Kenya

We brought Ximi Vogue to Kenya and opened our first store on June 1st, 2021, at one of the biggest malls of East Africa, the Two Rivers Mall. We currently have more than 1500 products that keep increasing every month. In the upcoming years, we are planning to open many more stores and expand all over Kenya. Our parent company, Fairdeal Furniture Limited, is one of the best Furniture retailers in Kenya and is the only licensed seller of the renowned brand, Ashley Furniture.

Our director, Mr. Mohammad Zakir, has always had the audacity and vision to initiate new and challenging projects in Kenya. His belief in himself and his team has played a monumental role in his success. We hope to continue on this journey of advancement with more constructive ideas and goals for the future and change the face of East Africa.